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(Deutsch) Marten Gerdnun

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(Deutsch) Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch

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(Deutsch) Stella Konnen

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Alexander Merbeth

Foto von Thomas Leidig (zugeschnitten)
Alexander Merbeth was born in Karlsruhe and studied acting in Hamburg until 2007. Here, he also studied film from 2012-2016 at the HFBK. He is an actor for theatre, film […]

Aljoscha Jelinek

Aljoscha Jelinek is an author. After writing several short stories, he wrote dialogues for the adventure “The Night of the Rabbit”. At the moment he is writing graphic novels.  ...

Andrea Sievers

Andrea Sievers is a freelance media educator and journalist from Hamburg. In 2005, she founded the children media project Radiofüchse. She leads media pedagogical radio, radio play, internet and  ...

Andreas Gaschka

Born in the early 80s Andreas Gaschka grew up drawing all day and created his first animated films shooting stop motion Lego with his parents HI8 camcorder. In 2010 he […]

Andreas Hedrich

Andreas Hedrich
Executive Direction // Head of Public Relations As the initiator and spokesperson of the Initiative Creative Gaming, Andreas Hedrich has been pleading for the creative use of video games in […]

Aurelia Brandenburg

Aurelia Brandenburg

Barbara Conrad

Barbara Conrad
While her fellow students invested their pocket money in Panini stickers, she saved her money for vinyls and now has an accorsdingly large collection. Apart from being at the turntables, […]

Benjamin Heinemann

Monster Lab Benjamin Heinemann studiert an der Leuphana Universität in Lüneburg Kulturwissenschaften mit dem Schwerpunkt Digitale Medien (B. A.), mit dem Ziel in naher Zukunft Medienkompetenzen  ...

Björn Rohwer

Björn Rohwer
Social Media Björn Rohwer studies digital communication at the HAW Hamburg after receiving a BA in Systematic Music Science. He is a freelance journalist, author and will probably never decide  ...

Carina Steffen-Schwering

Team Coordination Carina studied cultural sciences at the University of Koblenz and culture and media management at the University of Music in Hamburg. During times, when she isn’t entertaining  ...

Carola Veit

Carola Veit was born in Hamburg and is a registered jurist. Since 1991 she is member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). She is vice-chairperson of SPD Hamburg-Mitte. […]

Charlotte Pfeifer

Charlotte Pfeifer
Charlotte Pfeifer (*1976 in Hamburg) is director and dramatist. She is interested in expanding the stage in relation with art, music and theatre performance. She develops plays for children and  ...

Christian Schiffer

Christian Schiffer works for ARD and Deutschlandfunk. Moreover, he is co-founder and publisher of the computer game magazine WASD. In 2016, Schiffer attended to the German debate revolving around  ...

Christiane Schwinge

Artistic Direction Christiane Schwinge holds a degree in pedagogy and works as a freelance media educator in various fields of education. She is founding member and speaker of the independent and  ...

Christina Kutscher

Christina Kutscher
Creative Gaming Award Christina Kutscher studied British and American Cultures: Texts and Media at the University of Hamburg and is a tutor at the Institute for British and American Studies. […]

Christina Metzler

Christina Metzler holds a master’s degree in education from the University of Hamburg with a chosen focus on media education. Since 2016, she has been working as freelance media educator  ...

Christopher Weymann


Claudia Meiners

claudia Meiners
Claudia is one of the co-founders of PLAY and the Initiative Creative Gaming. She loves the festival and everything it comes with. She doesn’t play that much, but her favorite […]

Daniel Roßberg


Daniel Ziegener

Daniel Ziegener writes as a freelance journalist for numerous magazines about video games and the culture surrounding them. In formats such as “away from keyboard” he takes a closer look […]

Daniel Zils

Daniel Zils studied education science at the University Koblenz and worked as a freelance media educator from 2004 to 2007. Since 2007, he works for medien+bildung gGmbH at schools, universities  ...

Deivid Dragomirovic

Deivid is a game and level designer at Jo-Mei Games and accompanies every game mechanic from the concept phase to the actual implementation. He started studying game development in 2015 […]

Dennis Schoubye

As Project Lead for gamecity:Hamburg, Dennis Schoubye and his team support and connect the games industry in Hamburg. Dennis has been working in the games industry since 2010 and has […]

Dom Schott

Dom Schott studied archaeology. Now he works as a freelance journalist for various magazines and publishers. He favors writing about gaming culture, exciting online communities and his two cats.  ...

Dominik Johann

Dom is graphic designer, illustrator, game developer and student at the University for Applied Science in Hamburg. Moreover, he is art director at Crows Crows Crows, which published ‘Dr.  ...

Dr. Benjamin Strobel

Benjamin Strobel has a PhD in psychology. He is academic staff at the Grimme Institute, the department “Games and Societies” in particular. There, he works on research projects  ...

Dr. Eugen Pfister

Eugen Pfister studied history and political sciences in Vienna and Paris and received his PhD in Frankfurt and Trento for his work on history of political communication. He leads the […]

Fabian Jäckel

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Florian Beelmann

Florian studies theatre pedagogy at the University of Osnabrück. While studying, he has been mainly interested in connecting theatre and digital games. At PLAY19, he supports the coordination of  ...

Frank Meijer

Frank Meijer
Frank Meijer is PR & Content Specialist at subscription gaming platform Utomik, responsible for measuring expected impact for upcoming releases and assigning marketing value to them. As a  ...

Franziska Zeiner


Gabi Linde

Gabi Linde
Gabi Linde is Experience Designer, urban activist, speaker and lecturer for playful interaction with public space, advocate of game and playful cultural education, facilitator, outdoor educator  ...

Heiko Idensen

Social learning formats, open educational resources, tools for using open and free media in socio-cultural contexts, EduHacking, cultural crafting. Work: hannover.de/lernoase Home: idensen.org  ...

Heiko Wolf

Heiko Wolf, alias “Der Medienwolf”, works as a freelance media educator in Düsseldorf. He develops creative media projects like web videos, photographs and games with children,  ...

Ivo Rafael Riemann

Ivo is studying Cultural Studies at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, focusing on social and sustainability aspects of entertainment culture and is currently speedrunning his final semester. His  ...

Jan Boelmann

Dr. Jan M. Boelmann is junior professor for literary learning at the University of Education Ludwigsburg. In his dissertation “Literarisches Verstehen mit narrativen Computerspielen”  ...

Janina Kozubik (OddNina)


Jennifer Hicks

Jennifer Hicks was born in Washington, Tacoma in 1988, but lives in Berlin now. She studied Interface Design and has worked on service apps, storytelling apps and mini games. SInce […]

Jill Mao


Johanna Otte

Johanna Otte is a freelance media educator in the field of game design with children and adolescents. Her focus is on active media work, discussing the medium computer games, creative […]

Jonas Bornmann


Katharina Appel

Katharina Appel is a master student in English and philosophy and plans to become a teacher. At the University of Hamburg she works as a student assistant in the field […]

Kathrin Joswig

Kathrin Joswig_1
Kathrin Joswig studied education in Münster and Hamburg. She works as a media educator at the Bücherhallen Hamburg and as freelancer at the Initiative Creative Gaming as well as jaf […]

Kemal Amet

kemal (2)
Technical Management Kemal Amet is studying Media Systems at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg (B. Sc.) with a focus on game design. With the Creative Gaming Initiative and […]

Kristina Thoms


Lisa König

Lisa König is academic staff at the University of Education Freiburg and coordinates the department Virtual and Augmented Reality at the Centre for didactic video game research (Zentrum für  ...

Luca Rizzelli

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Lukas Opheiden

LUkas Opheiden

Maik Helfrich

Technical Supervisor Maik Helfrich is a freelance artist and mainly works in the field of games/art/video. As part of the artist group zkk – Zentrum für kabelgebundene Kunst he realized  ...

Manuel Fritsch


Mareike Kochansky

Mareike Kochansky is media scientist focussing on children and adolescent’s media. She is currently wiritng her master thesis on magic and witches in teen magazines. She is member of HSG  ...

Mathilde Hoffmann

Mathilde Hoffmann is sound designer and composer from Hamburg. Accompanied by a recording device, she loves walking with open ears and incorporating the collecteed sounds. She studied at the  ...

Mats Sharma

Speakers’ Corner Mats Sharma studied pedagogy in Apenrade (Denmark) and considers himself a music and technology enthusiast. After visiting the underwater city Rapture, defending the  ...

Matthias Kempke

Matthias Kempke is author and game designer at Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg, a video game developer and publisher that is specifically known for its adventures like Deponia and Edna bricht  ...

Matthias Löwe

Matthias Löwe
Exhibition Curation / Design Matthias Löwe is engaged in workshops, talks and festivals in association with the Initiative Creative Gaming to establish an artistic and creative use of games. At  ...

Michael Cherdchupan

Growing up between grey concrete buildings, Michael found that the courage to start something new is what he likes in games. Crazy ideas, melancholic dreams, kafkaesque nightmares or musicals  ...

Nico Nolden

Nico Nolden studied history until 2009 in Hamburg. Before and after that he worked on several academic projects. Since April 2014, he researches digital games as public productions of history  ...

Patrick Habetz

Patrick Habetz_fjmk

PD Dr. habil. Andreas Rauscher

PD Dr. habil. Andreas Rauscher (*1973), researcher for media science focussing on film, media aesthetic and games at the University Siegen. Visiting professor at the Universities Freiburg and  ...

Prof. Dr. Jörg Müller-Lietzkow

President of HafenCity University Hamburg and W3 Professor of Economics and Digitalization.

Riad Djemili

Riad Djemili is the co-founder of Berlin indie game company Maschinen-Mensch. Their debut title “The Curious Expedition”, a game about fictitious expeditions set in the 19th century,  ...

Rock & Wrestling

Gruppenfoto der Show Rock & Wrestling
Since 2004, Rock & Wrestling takes place in Hamburg-St. Pauli. It is a wrestling show tournament for an entire evening, where characters are created who then perform a choreographed fight  ...

Simon Klingler

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Thilo Lübker

Head of Production For the Initiative Creative Gaming Thilo undertakes workshops, supports other related events and is Head of Production for the locations of PLAY18. He invents own games, sneaks  ...

Tina Ziegler

Head of Press and Public Relations Tina Ziegler has been working in the media industry since 1994. She gained practical experience by managing advertising photo shootings and producing  ...

Tobias Othmar Hermann


Tolke Weinhold

Graphics and Design Tolke studied and worked in design and since 2010 in art direction. After more than five years of learning in the various categories of advertising she took […]

Tom Wiedemann

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Valentina Birke

Exhibition Curation // Creative Gaming Award Valentina Birke works as a freelance media pedagog with the Initiative Creative Gaming and campaigns the creative and critical use of games and sees  ...

Vera Marie Rodewald

vera marie
Artistic Direction // Program Direction for Workshops Vera Marie Rodewald is a media pedagog in Hamburg. She is also a research assistant for media education at the University of Applied […]

Verena Cojic

Verena Cojic is a creative and culture freak. She actually studied economics, but art is just more fun. This year, she invites PLAY visitors to be creative.