Daniel Ziegener

Daniel Ziegener writes as a freelance journalist for numerous magazines about video games and the culture surrounding them. In formats such as “away from keyboard” he takes a closer look […]

Dennis Schoubye

As Project Lead for gamecity:Hamburg, Dennis Schoubye and his team support and connect the games industry in Hamburg. Dennis has been working in the games industry since 2010 and has […]

Frank Meijer

Frank Meijer
Frank Meijer is PR & Content Specialist at subscription gaming platform Utomik, responsible for measuring expected impact for upcoming releases and assigning marketing value to them. As a  ...

Gabi Linde

Gabi Linde
Gabi Linde is Experience Designer, urban activist, speaker and lecturer for playful interaction with public space, advocate of game and playful cultural education, facilitator, outdoor educator  ...

Janina Kozubik (OddNina)


Mathilde Hoffmann

Mathilde Hoffmann is sound designer and composer from Hamburg. Accompanied by a recording device, she loves walking with open ears and incorporating the collecteed sounds. She studied at the  ...