Guidelines for the Speakers’ Corner

Safer Space

PLAY19 is a festival for everyone, independent of ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, education, religion, nationality, status, sexual identity or level of knowledge. We follow a philosophy of tolerance and we do not tolerate discriminating or transgressive behavior.

Your Topic

The Speakers’ Corner is the chance to talk about your story, your opinion, or your experience in relation with games! It is on you to decide what you want to talk about: your personal experiences with games, insights into your current project, a topic that you’ve always been interested in, or trivial and remote aspects revolving around games. You are welcome to relate to this year’s topic “Ready Game Change – Create a New Tomorrow”. Please note that there are no traditional presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi and such) in the Speakers’ Corner. Please consider in advance how you can clearly present your input and inspire the audience. The Speakers’ Corner shall be a room for entertaining insights into your opinion about video games. Be creative!

Interaction with the Audience

Just like the traditional version of the Speakers’ Corner you may interact with the audience and, even better, challenge them to argue with you. It is your choice, how and in what degree you want to include the audience.

No Advertising

To ensure that the pleasure of listening and discussing is not interrupted, we prohibit any form of advertising. Of course you can give your contact details to interested people to give them a chance to get in touch with you. Everything else can also be done after your talk.

Explicit Content

It is not our concern to limit you in your freedom of speech. However, there are certain topics that, for example, are not suited for every age. That’s why submitting your talk includes a short description of what you want to present. We will check every submission and decide, if we have to give a warning beforehand.

Your Talk

The most essential at the end: You can hold your talk either in German or in English. For the submission you may apply for one or two time-slots. On time-slot lasts 15 minutes including (hopefully short) assembly and disassembly. It is very important that you arrive in time to prevent us from letting your time-slot slide down a pipeline as a certain red dressed plumber would handle it. And once again: Keep it short, interact with the audience and make your talk interesting.

Be Brave!

Although all this may seem a little intimidating, the Speakers’ Corner is a unique opportunity. Don’t miss it!

The Most Important Aspects at a Glance

– Technical equipment on site: laptop, beamer, speakers, flipchart, marker pens
– Slots: at maximum 2 slots of 15 minutes per person
– Input: vivid presentation and no advertising!
– You get free entry to the festival on the day of your performance!