Established institutions of Hamburgs gaming scene open their doors to let you give you an exclusive look into the creative spectrum of professions revolving around video games. This year you can visit InnoGames, Tivola and VR Nerds at the VRHQ and experience game development first hand.

InnoGames is a developer and publisher. Here, visitors can learn about the fascination of browser games and how one idea can become an enterprise. Game Designers will offer unique insights in their work and answer questions about the studio’s action, strategy, online and role playing games.

Tivola is an itnernational publisher and developer of mobile games and apps from Hamburg, featuring animals as protagonists. In their apps, players can take care of wild animals, train dogs, ride horses and even build a tower with pixel cats.

VR Nerds are not only the #1 source for VR news, but also develop VR software and hardware, pruduce mixed reality content and aid enterprises or host virtual reality events. In addition, they exhibit Tower Tag at their VRHQ – a virtual reality multiplayer shooter.

Meeting point is Friday (November 15) at the Festival HQ at 12.30pm. Places for both excursions are limited to 20 people. You can only register for the excursions at the festival counter. Participants also require a ticket for public transport.