Artist Talk with Riad Djemili


Riad Djemili is working in the gaming industry since 2005, calling himself a subversive game maker. He is co-founder of the Berlin-based indie game studio Maschinen-Mensch, whose debut title “The Curious Expedition” won the German Developer Award. Machine-Mensch currently works with „The Curious Expedition 2“ on the sequel to their debut.

In addition, he is part of the Berlin indie collective “Saftladen”, works with 5 other people on „Codecks“ – a project management tool for game developers and has curated political game jams around the world for the Goethe Institut. And he also worked on the game “Spec Ops” some time ago.

In the Artist Talk with Riad Djemili we want to know how working on a Triple A title differs from that of an indie game, which monsters he encounters in his everyday life as a game developer and what plans he has got for the future.

The artist talks focus on people behind great games, fantastic ideas or extraordinary formats. We speak with artists, developers, inventors about their work, development, and inspiration. The artist talk will be in German and hosted by Christian Schiffer.

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  • 15.11.2019 16:30-17:00 Uhr

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