Inner Demons – An experimental Live Action Role Play – Workshop

Play on Stage: Theater

Inner demons – a choir from the subconcious. Who doesn’t know them? Angel on the right, devil on the left shoulder, guilt, revenge thoughts, envy, anxiety, repulsion, anger, happiness, sadness, surprise in between. A dialogue, an argument, a trial. They advise, whisper, criticize, reassure, encourage, calm… They assess risks, evaluate chances, conquer one’s weaker self – or not.

Inspired by Blackbox LARPs, this workshop is an experimental Live Action Role Play. Participants can create explore their inner demons, with fun, improvisation in an analogue digital world, filled with avatars, programmers and multiplayers.

Up to 60 participants allowed. This Workshop will be in German.

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(großer Saal)


  • 15.11.2019 10:00-11:00 Uhr


People at Inner Demons – An experimental Live Action Role Play – Workshop