Some Kind of Monster: Audiovisual Monster Design

Grafik: Freepik
Grafik: Freepik

From cute to horrific, from unbelievably small to gigantic, from everything to nothing. Who decides, what a monster is? Did humanity create an image of evil according to stories, the cosmos, or itself? This workshop description, too, is unable to fathom all aspects of the mosntrous.

Underneath the thicket, a long forgotten path lies hidden and leads towards the crematory… are we ready to follow it? Only connecting loose and innately meaningless pieces of information open the window to dark and unforeseen realities that leave us curious and shocked.

Let’s have a look, accompanied by monster experts Tom Schley and Dominik Johann. Let’s observe the nature of the monstrous, dissect it, and create our own darkness using methods that were thought to be lost.

In this workshop, you will learn to create your own monster.
This Workshop will be in German.

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Schülerlounge (Ebene 3)


  • 15.11.2019 10:00-12:00 Uhr


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